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Griaule's products have been used by software development companies all over the world on their point-of-sale, time and attendance, access control, among several other biometric-based applications.

We are proud to be part of this success. You can read (below) statements issued by some of our customers, telling how successful they were in using our products.

Success Stories

Griaule Biometrics announced that Supergiros a leader in lottery games and with great national coverage with more than 4,000 points of sale lottery in Colombia has integrated the Fingerprint SDK for their processes.

Supergiros uses biometrics in the process of sent and claim of money of their customers, with the use of biometrics gets more secure transactions, it provides a more secure way to identify the winner reclaiming the money and take care of their customers. The project was a development of Best Technologies S.A for Supergiros, using the Griaule Biometrics technology this makes Griaule Biometrics leading provider of biometric solutions at Colombia.

Iron Daher President and CEO, said: "this represents one of the largest non-banking security fingerprint facilities in Colombia, and we are proud to work with Supergiros to offer recognition technology of fingerprint for their Lottery jobs". The CEO also highlight the great contribution made by Gente Eficaz Ltda, Colombian distributor for the completion of this project.

Griaule Biometrics is working in team with Best Technologies S.A. and Gente Eficaz Ltda.. for the expansion of the project to Supergiros and thus facilitate the recognition of fingerprints to express within the local pharmacies payment centers. The objective of the project is to provide an easy way to securely identify customers with service and utilities.

Person ID - 360Biometrics - USA

“As a premier software vendor for custom Biometric identification and verification software we looked for a robust platform to base our product on, we find that the broad scanner support, high performance, OS flexibility and scalability of Griaule SDK, supplemented with excellent customer support by Griaule team, make it an ideal platform to based our product on.” - product - more info.
Pinky Thakkar - CEO

Countrywide Private Healthcare Identification - Unimed

“Griaule’s Fingerprint SDK software 
was selected because of 
its adherence to ISO standards, 
hardware independence, ease of 
use and post-sales support, key 
success factors for our project at 
Anisio Neto, IT Manager

National ID Card Solution - On Track Innovations

“OTI is one of the World Top 50 
ePassport technology suppliers 
and has received Company of the 
Year Frost and Sullivan Award, in 
Smart Cards, for years 2005 and 
2006. Company standards require 
us to work with international Top 
partners and Griaule is recognized 
to have the best fingerprint 
Igor Merling, Chief Scientist, Smart ID Division

OEM Program Partner - Zvetco Biometrics

The Griaule SDK enabled us to 
focus our sales into markets that 
previously, we could not contemplate. 
Griaule’s willingness to 
support us meant that we were 
free to continue to focus on the 
design and manufacture of the 
industry’s best readers.
Eusebio Coterillo, VP Sales

Countrywide Electronic Voting - Diebold

Diebold selected Griaule’s technology 
because of its ease and 
transparent integration capability 
and fingerprint software 
Marco Lallo, Project Manager

Social Security System

“Griaule’s solution was selected because of its ease of integration, capacity to cover the heterogeneous nature of a country due to its fingerprint readers independence and accuracy in the recognition process.”
Freddy Cardozo, CEO

Biometrics Identification and Registration

“VF is deeply satisfied with Griaule Fingerprint SDK software and overall technical solution because, after deployment, we can focus on delivering high quality social services to the people of India.”
Vishvas Foundation

Web-based Biometric Driver Identification System

“We chose Griaule SDK to meet project’s main goals. Griaule is one of the most accurate, fast & cost effective Fingerprint SDKs. It also readily supports most popular fingerprint scanners available in the market.”
Danny Thakkar, CEO

Banking Payment Services

“The ease and simplicity of integrating Griaule’s Fingerprint SDK into our software, the range of hardware supported by the SDK, the excellent support and quality of service by Griaule made our choice in their product a worthwhile one. “
Stefan Cronje, Senior Software Developer

Digital Technology Group LLC - USA

Michael King

I wanted to say thank you to Griaule Biometrics. Griaule’s Fingerprint Biometric SDK has made biometric integration simple and painless. In less than a week we were able to “run” fingerprints against a test server with speedy results. That is why we have chosen Griaule for our fingerprint biometrics I was afraid at first to use a company not located within the USA but Griaule has come through time and again with quick and informative customer service. Digital Technology Group is a US government contractor specializing in communications. Our Biometric Division is currently working on a Tri-Biometric suite for identification and access control in low bandwidth network environments.

Bayometric Inc. - USA


Our products Web Based ID & BayoMobile work with Griaule SDK. The details of these products can be found on our website:

Web-Based ID BayoMobile

Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Pernambuco (CEFET-PE) - Brazil

Mariana Victor

"I am attending the course "Technology in Analysis and Development of Systems" at " Federal Center of Technological Education of Pernambuco" (CEFET-PE) and I participate of a scientific project initiation entitled "A Software Component to integrate Readers of RFID and Biometrics to a Management Information System based in Access Control". Thanks to Griaule's contribution and to the Fingerprint SDK they supply, it will be possible the integration of the Fingerprint reader to develop this project. I thank Griaule's team for its support!"

Creative Information Technology, Inc.

Naresh Gupta

"We needed to develop a software for the travel sector. We chose Griaule software, because we believed that it was great and very easy to use product. Griaule's product helped us in integrating the ICAO funcionality to our software , and we are very pleased with the results."

PunQ - the fanclub co. | MarcAnthony Zimmermann [MaZ] - África do Sul

"We find Griaule's products extremely easy to use as well as very fast and accurate, and these have efficiently streamlined the foundation's patients record database too. Thank you, Griaule and the team for fine products."

UFT - Federal University of Tocantins , Tocantins - Brazil | Aeccio Cardoso Queiroz - UFT - Brazil

I am attending the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT) and thanks to Griaule's team help and to the excellent Fingerprint SDK they offer, I developed an Web application to my graduation project. With the samples that comes with the SDK, the development was very simple and fast. Griaule's support team and the tutorials they have available at their website were essential for the project conclusion. Congratulations to all Griaule team!.

UNITAU - University of Taubate, Sao Paulo - Brazil | André Luis Tolosa - UNITAU - Brazil

I am an IT Bachelor student attending the 4th year at UNITAU University of Taubate, Brazil. In partnership with two colleagues we elaborated an graduation work intitled "STUDY ON BIOMETRICS APPLIED TO FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION" using Griaule's Fingerprint SDK. Griaule's SDK was essential for the development of our TGI (graduation work), facilitating the project development and making possible the creation of a safe and efficient application. I congratulate Griaule for the contribution and supplying a first line software and an easy integration.

FIAP - University of Sao Paulo - Brazil | Anderson Lima - FIAP - Brazil

Griaule has an excellent quality Software. The international prizes confirm what we "The programmers" observe using it. Congratulations to Griaule Support team which was the fundamental basis for the clarification of the doubts and orientations for better results. The company is Great!!!.

Sybu Data | Andre Roodt - Sybu Data - Cape Town, South Africa

Sybu Data has developed an Enterprise Secure Sign On and Secure Logon product suite and was looking for a SDK to integrate fingerprint scanners for those customers seeking a low cost to entry biometric device. The Griaule SDK integrated seamlessly into our existing solution and we were pleased by the performance and also the small runtime footprint.

University of Ceara (UFC), CENDE Laboratory | Nickson Ramon Tomé de Sousa - Brazil

Griaule Fingerprint SDK helped us to improve the way we access the laboratory. Now we have a safer and more convenient system. I'm sure it will bring many benefits for all here.

Immisceo | Per Elsted - Denmark

In our development team we wanted something fast and ready to go with different fingerprint scanners to our club system project. We needed to enroll multiple clients within a short period of time, but also do verification very fast. In comparing GrFinger to other similar products, we found that GrFinger Fingerprint SDK beats all their competitors in price, in matching speed and of course in easy of use. Not to mention support and sample code for multiple programming languages. If you are considering doing a project with fingerprint matching, please look into what the Griaule team has to offer.

Mobisoft | Reid Shumate - United States

I have chosen the GrFinger Biometric SDK by Griaule to help us delivering a cost effective biometric challenge/response interface for our clients. Our applications are developed using Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 with support for .NET framework 1.1, 2.0 and CE. We are currently using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to provide the database engines for our application and fingerprint recognition support. Our applications are mainly focused on the secure storage and retrieval of information. For our clients who need the extra security of fingerprints, we feel very confident in using Griaule to help make it happen. Initial costs, wide fingerprint reader support and the ability to easily integrate into our existing .NET applications convinced me to choose Griaule as our partner in biometric security.

RCMS | Lin Ho Wei - Brazil

I discovered Griaule through articles found on the web. I've developed an application on Java and VB6 to control employees and customers in my LAN house management system. The application was developed to run on a Windows XP box with MS SQL Server MSDE. I've really enjoyed their really low price and the amazing simplicity to integrate with other applications. Even though I've tried other solutions, I think GrFinger is the best and easier to use.


| Pedro Veloso - Brazil

We've used GrFinger to control both students and employees. Using this system, we're able to have a precise control of frequency and the time of the day people are inside our training center. It's a great step for a differentiation of our company, showing we're always after the best products on the marketplace. After deployment we're able to establish a closer link with our customers and their shopping behavior. Thanks to the fingerprints, our internal employee control is now 100% accurate!

Intelectix | Luis Alonso Ramos - Mexico

Intelectix is a custom-solutions development company, specialized in .NET technologies. Our latest project is a complete information system for a chain of gyms, currently around 30 in Mexico and South America, with around 30,000 customers.

The software manages everything from customer memberships and payments, employee time management, appointments by call-center. The previous system used a numeric code for customers to sign their attendance each time they came into the gym. Customers often didn't remember their IDs, so they always had to ask for it.

Our system uses Griaule technology to allow customers to sign in with their fingerprint, thus letting them forget their unique number. Also, to have better control on trainers and other employees, our software includes a module that makes them check in and out using their fingerprint.

We have found GrFinger to be very easy to use, simple to install and able to work with Microsoft Fingerprint Reader, which has the advantage of being found at your local Office Depot.

We will definitely consider GrFinger for our future projects.

Amesp Healthcare systems | Samuel Natali - Brazil

We needed to develop an application to keep track of the doctors that work on our medical centers. Griaule's fingerprint products were chosen due to their simplicity to use, range of features offered and low cost. Our application was developed in Delphi, using an Oracle database. Presently, as a pilot, it's deployed in 10 machines at a single site, but soon will be deployed on all our 26 centers.

SailorWeb | Luiz Barros - Brazil

SailorWeb, web producer based on the state of São Paulo, has used GrFinger to develop an application to be used on a local mall. The application is used to enroll customer for contests promoted by the mall. The fingerprints prevent users from enrolling more than once on the contests and have been used quite successfully.

Constructora | - Bolivia

We've used GrFinger in the development of a web based application that relies on a fingerprint authentication server and many biometric clients, all of them based on Griaule's fingerprint technology. The solution was developed in order to cover a wide number of tasks in an organization, such as: time and attendance, access control, client enrollment and tracking, service management and accounting.

The application relies on a client/server architecture where two kinds of clients were developed: web based clients (some of them using touch screen interfaces) and standalone clients based on "Verifier E" fingerprint readers that are controlled by the biometric server (access control).

The solution is fault tolerant and was deployed in a multi-server/multi-OS environment (Windows/Linux). The application was built around the following technologies: PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Java, GrFinger suite, Crossmatch and Digital Persona fingerprint readers. There are around 200 users that interact with the application on a daily basis.

We've chosen Griaule because the high quality and reliability of the fingerprint identification algorithm and the flexibility of its licensing model. We believe that GrFinger is an excellent product at an accessible price.

Video Game Center

Carlos Cordovil - Brazil

We operate a movies/CD/games rental store where we have the need to be sure that the person taking home the disc is actually the one we have listed. We've previously used barcode cards, but frauds happened quite often, not to mention the cases where the customer forgot his card at home. After that, we've tried a visual identification (using photos), which also had several weaknesses.
We've then decided to try a biometric solution, and after exhaustive market research, we've came to Griaule's solution. Their GrFinger solution provided an excellent alternative due to their support for a wide variety of readers and its small memory footprint.

State University of Campinas (Unicamp) | Admission exams - Brazil

The admission exams take place twice a year, having around 50,000 (fifty thousand) candidates for each exam. All enrollment and id checking on the examinees are completely controlled using Griaule’s biometric products. And we're talking about one of the best Latin American universities, offering courses in every imaginable subject!

Ceset - Unicamp | Tiago William - Brazil

I'm an undergraduate student, and chose GrFinger as the solution to a course project I've done. A dedicated controller board was built to integrate my PC with an electronic doorlock. GrFinger was used as the fingerprint recognition solution to, upon identification of the person, unlock the door. Moreover, I was amazed at their skilled support.

Casa da Esperança | Alexandre Mapurunga - Brazil

I've upgraded a time attendance application we had developed internally. This application used barcode cards, and we often were losing a lot of time (and money) reprinting lost or damaged cards, not to mention the employees using other person's cards to register their attendance. This was putting the trustworthiness of the information collected in jeopardy. By replacing the cards with biometric access control, besides being absolutely reliable, the system is now much faster than it used to be.

The environment on which the application is developed/deployed is a low-end AMD Duron 1.2GHz, with only 128MB of RAM, developed on Visual Basic 6. Only minor changes, apart from "dropping" the GrFinger control on my app, needed to be done. The integration was really a breeze.

When I purchased the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader, I was surprised to see how hard it would be to integrate it into my application. After testing Griaule's FREE version, we realized it was the way to go.

I'd recommend their kit to anyone who wish to develop a component-based application, either upgrading an existing app or developing a new one from scratch. Griaule's tools are versatile and compatible with lots of available fingerprint readers and development environment.

Time Clock Software | Tim Rick - United States

I've used Griaule's software to develop a payroll and attendance management solution. The programming was done in Visual Basic using Microsoft Access as database. There's no limit to the number of users handled by my application. I've chosen GrFinger thanks to Griaule's support for many readers, including Microsoft Fingerprint Reader, and the ability to work while the application is not on the foreground. I'm really satisfied with this solution.

West Media Systems | Jan West - Sweden

I've found Griaule while searching on Google. I decided to purchase their product due to the completeness and simplicity of the examples, extremely well thought out. I've used their Delphi sample. My application is a database that stores media, like audio and video, and GrFinger is used to give to users access to content. I have a Firebird database server running in a Windows 2003 network, with Windows XP clients. Due to pricing issues, I've decided to use Microsoft Fingerprint Reader and it ends up Griaule are the only software vendor supporting this device.

Recreatiepark BreeBronne BV | Harold Stemkens - Netherlands

We have used the biometric suite for the development of an employee's check-in / check-out and active control application. There are around 15 users using the application. The application is developed on Visual Basic, connecting to a MySQL database. The completeness of examples and documentation were the compelling factor to make me choose Griaule's products.

Paquet Express | Carlos Hernandez - México

We use GrFinger in a system that controls the arrival of products in warehouses, running on Oracle and OracleForms. We've decided to use Griaule's products because their software supports many readers, allowing me to choose always the best for each case. The software will be deployed in 30 warehouses. We've run several tests, and consider GrFinger really fast and reliable.

Mindware | Marcelo Ceitlin - Argentina

My application is built on Windows 2003/XP, using SQL Server 2000/2005 and HLServer (HL7 Server), using C#. It's meant to identify patients in a hospital (to offer an electronic patient record). I've chosen to use GrFinger mainly due to its demo version available for public download on the Internet. I was fascinated with the detailed examples (which really work!!) and the excellent value it brought for my money.

Link2Soft | Luis A. Ponce - Mexico

I've purchased GrFinger to develop an access control solution, using Microsoft Fingerprint Reader. The application is intended to handle around 250 users, running under Windows XP/Linux, MySQL and Apache. I'd say the simplicity to use GrFinger is its best feature. It's really a good product.

Sistemas Modulares de Computación Ltda | Christian Walter – Chile

Searching for a way to improve our products and offer our customers new technologies we decided to add biometric functionalities to our applications. After analyzing the performance of different products we finally implemented GrFinger Fingerprint SDK into our developments for the Chilean public sector. GrFinger SDK offers reliability and great performance in a competitive price level. The support of a series of scanners and programming languages is a plus we don’t want to miss.

We use GrFinger to electronically sign documents inside our document management applications, in our time an attendance and access control products and we are working to find more applications that help us to keep our market position.

Solução em Focco | Rodrigo Dutra Rubes - Brazil

Our company is specialized in software development for clubs. We had tried several times to implement biometrics in our applications without success until one company from our city recommended Griaule's tools for fingerprint recognition. Soon, we realized that it actually worked and could fit our needs. Today, we already have our software working in two client companies. One of them has 5000 fingerprints registered, while the other has 2100. The results are excellent and we are just putting the technology available to all of your clients. We are surely very satisfied, and so are they.

Images&Words | Jürgen Findeis - Germany

Our company develops windows-based software for small hairdresser's businesses. An important feature of our software is the authorisations-management module, which secures confidential parts of the programme. At the beginning we solved this by using passwords, but we soon recognized that this was only suboptimal.

We developed a fingerprint-authentication module, based on GrFinger. We chose GrFinger because it is compatible to different hardware systems and because of its excellent price. It works really fast and reliable.

Our customers say that fingerprint is the perfect solution for their needs because it is easy to use and reliable.