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Title: How to identify and locate a product key


This article describes how to identify and locate a product key. A product key is a unique combination of numbers and letters that is used during Griaule software registration to "unlock" the product. If you do not activate it using the product key, the product will always show a splash screen until you register the copy with the product key.

NOTE: A product key is not a license file or product ID (PID) number. A license file is created after a product is successfully installed and registered using the product key.


How to identify the product key

Griaule product keys contain 20 characters that are typically divided into groups of 4.

How to locate the product key

The product key can be found on Griaule's website. It's an information that is given after your payment has been approved.

You must be logged in on the website before you can view your product keys. Click on 'My Account', upper right on the page, and a list of yours product keys will be shown.

Product keys are specific to their software products. For example, you cannot use a ICAO Face SDK product key to unlock a Fingerprint SDK product.


  • Fingerprint SDK 2009
  • ICAO Face SDK 2008