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Biometric Network Logon


Log on to your computer and network using your fingerprint.

The Biometric Network Logon 2007 R2 accomplishes, continues and goes much more far than Griaule’s Desktop Login. It is a biometrical authentication solution for the user-friendly, comfortable, safe and secure access to Windows Networks with Active Directory. Of course it also works for a single, stand alone computer, that is not networked.

Each user or group of users can use one of the following login methods:

  • Username + Fingerprint (Smart Logon)
  • Only Fingerprint (Fast Logon)
  • Username + Password + Fingerprint (Strong Logon)
  • Username + Password (Default Logon)

Key Features

Discover all the power of authenticating the users of your Windows Network by their fingerprint. Below are some key features of Biometric Network Logon.

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See how Biometric Network Logon looks like. Some screenshots are available below, but you can find more here.

Login screen for Fast Logon method
click here

Fast Logon method
Login screen for Smart Logon method
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Smart Logon method
Login screen for Strong Logon method
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Strong Logon method

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