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Return codes

Success Codes
GR_OK 0 Success
GR_BAD_QUALITY 0 Extraction succeeded, template has bad quality
GR_MEDIUM_QUALITY 1 Extraction succeeded, template has medium quality
GR_HIGH_QUALITY 2 Extraction succeeded, template has high quality
GR_MATCH 1 Fingerprints match
GR_NOT_MATCH 0 Fingerprints don't match
GR_DEFAULT_USED 3 A supplied parameter is invalid or out of range, default value will be used
GR_ENROLL_NOT_READY 0 Enrollment process not ready
GR_ENROLL_SUFFICIENT 1 Sufficient enrollment
GR_ENROLL_GOOD 2 Good enrollment
GR_ENROLL_VERY_GOOD 3 Very good enrollment
GR_ENROLL_MAX_LIMIT_REACHED 4 Maximum limit of consolidated templates was reached

Initialization Error Codes
GR_ERROR_INITIALIZE_FAIL -1 Initialization failed
GR_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED -2 GrFinger isn't initialized
GR_ERROR_FAIL_LICENSE_READ -3 GrFinger couldn't read the license file
GR_ERROR_NO_VALID_LICENSE -4 No valid license found
GR_ERROR_NULL_ARGUMENT -5 A null parameter was supplied
GR_ERROR_FAIL -6 Unexpected failure
GR_ERROR_ALLOC -7 Memory allocation failure
GR_ERROR_PARAMETERS -8 An incorrect parameter was supplied
GR_ERROR_EXPIRED_LICENSE -9 The license expired

Extraction and Matching Error Codes
GR_ERROR_WRONG_USE -107 Function can't be called at this time
GR_ERROR_EXTRACT -108 Error extracting template
GR_ERROR_SIZE_OFF_RANGE -109 Image size is too big
GR_ERROR_RES_OFF_RANGE -110 Image resolution is out of the valid range
GR_ERROR_CONTEXT_NOT_CREATED -111 Context couldn't be created
GR_ERROR_INVALID_CONTEXT -112 Context isn't valid
GR_ERROR_ERROR -113 General, unexpected or unknown error
GR_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE -114 Supplied template buffer is too small to hold the template
GR_ERROR_BAD_TEMPLATE -115 Template has bad quality

Capture Error Codes
GR_ERROR_CONNECT_SENSOR -201 Error connecting to the fingerprint reader
GR_ERROR_CAPTURING -202 Error while acquiring image
GR_ERROR_CANCEL_CAPTURING -203 Capture has been canceled
GR_ERROR_INVALID_ID_SENSOR -204 Invalid fingerprint reader ID
GR_ERROR_SENSOR_NOT_CAPTURING -205 Capture wasn't started on the fingerprint reader
GR_ERROR_INVALID_EXT -206 Invalid file extension
GR_ERROR_INVALID_FILENAME -207 Invalid filename
GR_ERROR_INVALID_FILETYPE -208 Invalid file type
GR_ERROR_SENSOR -209 Fingerprint reader error

License Error Codes
GR_ERROR_GET_HARDWARE_KEY -301 Unable to get your hardware key
GR_ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION -302 Error internet connection
GR_ERROR_BAD_REQUEST -303 Bad request
GR_ERROR_INVALID_PRODUCT_KEY -304 Invalid product key
GR_ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_CREDIT -305 Insufficient credit
GR_ERROR_NO_HARDWARE_BOUND -306 No hardware-bound license
GR_ERROR_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION -307 HTTP authentication failed
GR_ERROR_WRONG_PRODUCT_KEY -308 Wrong product key
GR_ERROR_INTERNAL_SERVER -309 Internal server error
GR_ERROR_WRITING_LICENSE_FILE -310 Unable to write the license file
GR_ERROR_PK_NOT_LINKED -311 Product key not linked with a Griaule Account
GR_ERROR_PK_NOT_APPROVED -312 Product key not approved yet