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We are in an ongoing effort to have distributors for our fingerprint and biometric products in all countries. Whenever possible, try to get in touch from your local distributor, as he'll be able to assist you more closely, be available in other languages than Portuguese and English, have more flexible forms of payment and even providing on-site support if needed. Remember that even if you have bought our products directly from our site, you can always ask Griaule Distributors for support.

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Griaule has distributors all around the world. Below are the countries we have distributors.

Argentina Belgium Brazil Canada China Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador Germany
India Indonesia Israel Korea Kuwait Mexico Russia South Africa USA

Distribution / Reseller

Even though Griaule is still a young company, it has a strong reputation of success and credibility in the biometric market. We are expanding from a large-scale governmental market to a fast growing consumers' market. In the near future you will use your fingerprint about 10 times a day – in your home, car, computer, POS, ATM, etc – and we believe that some of that innovative technology will be provided by Griaule.

In order to reach international markets we carefully planned a distributor-based strategy. We welcome growing companies that want to share our vision with an easy-to-do affiliation process.

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