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Alliance Program is the most efficient way for hardware manufacturers to manage the lowest cost to satisfy the needs of end users. While providing your hardware devices with our high quality biometrics SDK, you don't need to worry about R&D investment and technical support. You can instead focus on manufacturing the best devices for your customers.

The target customers of Griaule Alliance Program are hardware manufacturers. The hardware can be a biometric device (such as fingerprint readers), a common application of biometrics (access control devices, time & attendance devices, etc.) or a device with potential for use of biometrics (cameras, notebooks, PDAs, POS, ATMs, etc).

Our value proposal is to allow hardware manufacturers to focus on their core business using our software to enable their devices. Our extensive portfolio of software means more applications for the devices and, therefore, more markets and revenue opportunities. Our focus on biometric software R&D provides better, more innovative and flexible, state-of-the-art software. Focusing on their core business will allow our partners to stay more competitive without having to invest in the evolution — the creation, maturity, maintenance, documentation and technical support of biometric-related algorithms, applications and technologies.

Current Partners

Zvetco Biometrics is a manufacturer of best-in-class identity authentication hardware and provider of identity management solutions. Zvetco provides its customers in corporate enterprise, government, financial services, healthcare, gaming, food services and point-of-sale with cost-effective network security tools that prevent identity theft, increase accountability and eliminate the cost and inconvenience of password-based access. In addition, we offer custom engineered parts, consulting services and OEM products.
Duodigit is a Brazilian company which integrated the latest Griaule product (Fingerprint SDK 2009) with their professional reader, Eikon D2 Pro. With this partnership, we try to build up a professional solution with professional device and software.

If you are interested in our Alliance Program and want to know more details, welcome to contact with us through following information:

Alliance Program Manager

Sphinx Lee E-mail: sl[at] Skype: g.sphinx.lee
Phone: + (852) 8199.0641