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Even though Griaule is still a young company, it has a strong reputation of success and credibility in the biometric market. We are expanding from a large-scale governmental market to a fast growing consumers' market. In the near future you will use your fingerprint about 10 times a day - in your home, car, computer, POS, ATM, etc - and we believe that some of that innovative technology will be provided by Griaule.

In order to reach international markets we carefully planned a distributor-based strategy. We welcome growing companies that want to share our vision with an easy-to-do affiliation process.

Become a Griaule distributor in 3 easy steps:

The steps that need to be taken in order to become a Griaule distributor are quick and easy to follow.

Step 1:

Review the Company Profile and the Product Overview Manual.

Step 2:

Sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and fill out the Griaule Distributor Application Form.

Step 3:

Following Griaule's decision a Distributor Manual and a Distributor Agreement Document will be e-mailed to you in order to finish the affiliation process.

About the Company Profile & Product Overview Manual: these documents will give the distributor a general idea about Griaule and its main products. It will also include information on fingerprint recognition technology.

About Griaule Distributor Application Form: this form will allow us to have a better idea on the distributor interested in joining Griaule's distributor team.

About the Distributor Manual: this document will explain in detail Griaule's licensing process, sales policy, and pricing information. It will also give the distributor some training on our products.

We encourage our distributors to pay close attention to the Company Profile and Distributor Manual with the intention of preparing them for any feedback ask by a customer.

For more information contact us at with "distributor" in the message subject.


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