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Our forum is the fastest and most efficient way to get free technical support. It enables you to check recurrent issues from other users, create, subscribe or rate posts. If you have a paid contract support agreement with Griaule please contact your support representative or use the “paid technical support” option in our contact form. Also use it for sales or administrative issues. You can find other resources such as software manuals here.

The average response time for the topics created in the last 30 days is 36h 33m 57s.

Griaule has a commitment to keep this average below 24h. (We only answer posts in business hours but this average also includes non-business hours and weekends).

This is a public forum where users can share their doubts, suggestions and knowledge about Griaule products. It is maintained both by Griaule and the community.

Griaule is not responsible for messages here. If you are offended by any message or spot any spam please let us know by clicking the “spam/abusive” link available in every post. 

You can use any language to post, there is not an official language for this forum, but we recommend English, which is the language that is more widely adopted.

Multiple posts about the same subject can be compiled into a unique consolidated post.

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Forum rules:

1. Non-related material. Posting spam, ads, abusive, aggressive, inappropriate, defamatory, vulgar, threatening, hateful or other non-related material is not allowed.

2. Cross posting. Post your message once, in the adequate topic or forum.

3. Please alternate upper and lower cases in your messages or use lower case only. Turn the CAPS LOCK off before posting a message.

4. Copyright infringement. Copyrighted material is not allowed in messages unless the copyright is owned by the user. In this case the user allows the material to be public available.