Fingerprint SDK 2009:Setup and Usage

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Download the Fingerprint SDK in Griaule Biometrics Downloads


Execute the Fingerprint_SDK_2009_Installer.exe.

Select the setup language to proceed.

Select Setup Language.jpg

Welcome en.jpg

If you want to install the license automatically, enter the Product Key.

Otherwise, to install it later, select the checkbox.

Pk en.jpg

Read the license agreement and select the desired option.

License Agreement en.jpg

If you have selected the option 'I accept the agreement', you will be led to the information on Fingerprint SDK 2009 releases.

Information en.jpg

Select the directory where you want install Fingerprint SDK 2009.

Location en.jpg

Choose the location of the shortcuts for Fingerprint SDK 2009.

Menu Folder en.jpg

Setup is now ready to install Fingerprint SDK 2009, check the informations you have chosen and click to install.

Ready to Install en.jpg

Wait while Fingerprint SDK 2009 is installed on your computer.

Installingl en.jpg

Choose the desired option and click finish, remember that the ActiveX component will be available only after the system reboot.

Completing en.jpg


Run the FingerprintSDKDemo.exe located at C:\Program Files(x86)\Griaule\Fingerprint SDK 2009\bin by default, if you chose a different directory the file should be located there.

Fingerprint SKK Demo.jpg

Plug the reader and test it.

Fingerprint SKK Demo exemple.jpg

Click extract to extract fingerprint.

Fingerprint SKK Demo Extract.jpg

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