Caixa Econômica Federal

With over 80 million clients, and more accounts opening every day, Caixa Econômica Federal is the second largest bank in Brazil. In its oversight of important social benefit payments, including retirement pensions, unemployment benefits, and low-income aid programs, Caixa Econômica Federal protects privacy and security with some of the most innovative technology on the market.

With Griaule’s help the bank now utilizes biometric authentication to prevent identity fraud in benefit payments and improve the bank’s overall operational speed. 

• 80 million clients;
• Up to 48 thousand concurrent requests;
• 100% up time.

Tribunal Superior Eleitoral

TSE is the Superior Electoral Court in Brazil, the nationwide entity responsible for the management and legislation of electoral rights of Brazilian citizens. Prior to the implementation of Griaule’s solution, TSE had 24 million voters registered.
The biometric project was initially divided into two steps. The first step deduplicated the database, comparing each registered voter against all the others, thus guaranteeing the uniqueness of each registry. The second step involves helping the Court enroll 136 million new registrants, bringing the total to 160 million voters registered. 

• Import, feature extraction and deduplication of 240 million fingerprint images in 59 days;
• 100% uptime using 2 Exalogic Full (2880 cores) and 2 Oracle Exadata;
• The largest fingerprint identification system in the world, deduplicated database of 160 million people.


Fundação Casa

The Juvenile Social-Education Foundation of the Justice and Citizenship Secretary of São Paulo is in charge of juvenile offenders.

Fundação CASA has 142 facilities spread over the state of São Paulo, and is headquartered in the state capital. The biometric enrollment of juveniles facilitates the retention of their history within the institution and helps protect against identity fraud. 

• Biometric enrollment of: ten prints, mug shots, tattoos, scars and birthmarks;
• 142 criminal booking facilities.

NDA Global Bank

We are proud to be partnered with one of the biggest banks on the planet to improve the quality and security of its services.

The bank requires biometric authentication of their clients to improve the speed and security of their financial service offerings. The system is also used by bank managers for the enrollment of clients, in authentication operations at ATMs and bank teller stations, and to ensure that the database has no duplicate entries. 

• 1O million client accounts;
• Enrollment in less than 60 seconds, including deduplication;
• Up to 30 thousand concurrent requests;
• Global contract for Brazil, Spain, Mexico and England.