GBS - Griaule Biometric Suite


One of the most precise ABIS in the world.


Database migration with deduplication checks.


Enhance and search latent fingerprints.


Automatic face monitoring of crowds.


Biometric enrollment with quality check and data standardization.


Easy and fast scanning of paper-based biometric cards.


Cutting-edge quality enrollment guaranteed.


Total control over fraud and database quality.


Biometric integration in deployed systems.

GBS Cluster

The GBS is one of the most accurate Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) in the world. It is capable of fingerprint searches (1:N) and verification operations (1:1). In large databases, the GBS Cluster generates several computing instances, each one being responsible for a share of the database. 

Thus, the entire database is analyzed simultaneously, drastically increasing operational performance and efficiency.

GBS Batch Enroll

The GBS Batch Enroll is Griaule’s product for existing biometric database migration. With Batch Enroll, existing databases can be imported to the GBS, also checking it for duplicated entries. 

Some applications can’t tolerate vulnerabilities to spoof attacks (fake fingers made of silicon or similar materials). These types of attacks are inevitable, but our cutting-edge technology, the Spoof Analysis Module, uses software analysis of the captured images to drastically reduce the success ratio of these attacks.

GBS Forensic

This software was made with the help of forensic experts to help other experts in the field. It features the enhancing, edition and visualization of latent fingerprints and it's searching against a database. 


GBS Surveillance

The GBS Surveillance is an automatic monitoring software, capable of creating and overseeing lists of people of interest. Its automatic facial recognition generates alerts when it identifies someone enrolled in an interest list. 

Capable of handling many simultaneous cameras and responsible for the computing resources distribution, the GBS Surveillance provides one of the less intrusive biometric technologies - real time facial recognition.

GBS Agincourt

The GBS Agincourt is a live enrollment software natively integrated within the GBS to guarantee the best enrollment performance. With Griaule’s 10+ years of experience in biometrics in a broad range of applications, the GBS Agincourt applies best practices learned in medium and large-scale projects.

GBS Quality Control

For a reliable authentication, you have to trust the data in your database. Once a bad quality enrollment is made, a bad quality verification is bound to happen. To keep a high quality database, the GBS Cluster might be configured to deny the automatic inclusion of low quality enrollments, which are then marked, to be manually checked by an operator.

GBS CardScan

Easy and fast scanning of ten print cards. The GBS CardScan enables the scan of ten print cards and allows its enrollment within the GBS.

GBS Exception Treatment

To handle unusual situations, the GBS Cluster generates an exception occurrence, which can be analyzed and resolved by an authorized operator with the GBS Exception Treatment.

GBS Biometric SDKs

The easiest way to integrate biometrics on Windows, Linux or Android application. The software provides a flexible biometric framework for the extraction and comparison (1:1) of fingerprints in any Windows, Linux, or Android application and tooIs for the standardization of feature extraction and matching of facial images while automatically detecting eye and mouth position.