1. How can I buy Griaule’s products?
To better serve our customers, purchases for both legacy and new customers must now be
done through
2. Which are the products replacing the ones being discontinued?
Fingerprint SDK 2009 and WSQ SDK were replaced by GBS Fingerprint SDK and ICAO
Face SDK was replaced by GBS Face Quality SDK.
3. Can I buy the Fingerprint SDK 2009?
The Fingerprint SDK 2009 was discontinued in January 2017. Legacy customers may
contact us for further details at
4. What if I need to revoke my licenses?
The Fingerprint SDK 2009 usage license protection scheme has changed. Licensing
protection is only legal, with no physical protection. The single license file is unique for each
customer, and you may distribute the exact same file to all computers until you reach the
number of licenses purchased. The single license file no longer requires any revocations,
Product Keys or individual files per machine. It may be installed and transferred between
machines, and you are required to respect the limit of licensed machines.
5. I have lost my Fingerprint SDK 2009 license. How can I request my single license
To obtain your single license file you must send to one of
the following:
1) The MAC Address of a machine with the license installed
2) The Product Key of the license acquired
3) The user at the Griaule legacy website
6. Can I upgrade my license of Fingerprint SDK 2009 to the GBS Fingerprint SDK?
Yes. Please contact
7. If I have any difficulties trying to install or use a Fingerprint SDK 2009 license, can I
contact the Support Team?
The support for this product ended on January 2017. New customers must license the GBS
Fingerprint SDK, which has active technical support.
8. Will my Fingerprint SDK 2009 licenses stop working after January 2017?
No, Fingerprint SDK 2009 licenses are permanent. Your licenses will still work.
9. What will happen with my applications that still run based on Fingerprint SDK
They will still work, as long as the computer has a valid license.
10. Can I migrate my software from Fingerprint SDK 2009 to GBS Fingerprint SDK?
Yes. GBS Fingerprint SDK has a wrapper compatible with the Fingerprint SDK 2009 API.
Using the wrapper, you do not need to make any changes to your application.
11. Can I keep my application running based on Fingerprint SDK 2009 and have it
using GBS Fingerprint SDK only on new machines?
Yes, it is possible. You will need to keep the current component and a new version of it
containing a wrapper compatible with the Fingerprint SDK 2009 API for the GBS Fingerprint
12. Do I need to license GBS Fingerprint SDK in order to migrate my application from
Fingerprint SDK 2009?
Yes. Fingerprint SDK 2009 and GBS Fingerprint SDK are distinct products. Even though
GBS Fingerprint SDK is replacing Fingerprint SDK 2009, it also has additional features. As a
distinct product, you will need a new license so you can use it.
13. Is this update compulsory?
No. If you do not need technical support, you can keep your application running on
Fingerprint SDK 2009.